Keith Lovett, USA

"As a volunteer with Urban Light, I truly felt like a part of the full-time staff, probably because that's how I was treated. Inanition to powerful like lessons thats i can carry into my future endeavors, the range and complexity of challenges I faced at Urban Light have provided important knowledge about how an organization can contribute to the fight against one of the biggest injustices in the world. I want to thank Urban Light and its staff for making me a part of their family, and for providing a life changing experience."

Dr. Matilda Henriksson, Sweden

"Volunteering with Urban Light is one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. The love and appreciation I get back from the beneficiaries when I help them is priceless. And to work alongside the regular Urban Light staff is also a privilege. I have seldom seen anyone work as hard and tirelessly as they do, and they all have such big hearts. Moreover, the regular staff do everything they can to make the volunteers feel welcome and comfortable, and they sure manage very well!"

Elliot Glotfelty, USA (two-time volunteer)

"Volunteering at Urban Light has been a life changing experience. Coming back two years after my first volunteer experience with UrbanLight to once again volunteer has even more amazing. To see the amazing growth the organization has made over the past two years has been incredible. Having the chance to channel my talents to this noble cause has truly been the privilege of a lifetime!"