Counter Child and Anti-Sex Trafficking; Human Rights Leader; Founder of Urban Light


Alezandra's Story

While visiting Thailand in 2009, Alezandra Russell witnessed firsthand the horrors of trafficking, exploitation and violence against an overlooked population--Boys. Just three months after that initial trip to Thailand, Alezandra founded URBAN LIGHT. Alezandra pawned her engagement and wedding rings in order to start the organization, which provides various services and emergency support to boys who are victims of exploitation and commercial sexual exploitation in Thailand. Very much an overlooked and neglected population, Alezandra is committed to empowering this at-risk population of boys by providing them with realistic opportunities, services and programs for a life beyond the bars of the red light district.

Alezandra stands undeterred in her commitment to rehabilitating and restoring the young lives of these boys who have been deemed replaceable and disposable by their families and society alike. During 2013, URBAN LIGHT helped to empower the lives of more than 300 at-risk boys in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

URBAN LIGHT remains one of the only organizations working on behalf of boys who are overlooked, forgotten, and ignored in the global discussion of trafficking and exploitation.

“You are an incredible story-teller” – Spike Lee, Film Director

“Your work and passion is truly incredible” – Pharrel Williams, Singer + Song Producer

"The desire and drive that Alezandra has to impact change in the lives of the Boys she serves at Urban Light is inspiring and contagious. She is a fighter and an ambassador to the millions of Boys who go unnoticed and forgotten in this global dialogue of trafficking and exploitation." -Eva Mendes, Actress